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August 16, 2010


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Thank you for sharing your idea regarding this topic. I should suggest to calculate and verify the cost that you will pay in deconstruction than building a new house. It is wise to renovate your house with less cost. You need to know your purpose as well for demolishing your house if it serves well.

Such a beautiful idea for creating that design of a house. I like it.

Unlike breaking hammers, jackhammers are mostly made to break up horizontal material. To get the bit started, place it where you want to break (and these tools are NOT precise, so be careful – the bit will strike above and below the point you start at), and squeeze the trigger on the hammer. I’ve seen guys place the bit between their feet to get the bit started on new material, but this can be very dangerous. That’s 61 ft/lbs (or more) of pressure if you slip up, and will easily crush your foot. Don’t do it.

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